The health facility has 10 sections and a day hospital for 28 beds.
– 4 offices of general practitioners as part of the medical ambulance stations of the villages – Krasnoyarovo, Sapronovo, Uglovoye, p. Ivanovsky.
– 3 therapeutic sites and 3 pediatric schools. As part of the Mazanovsk Polyclinic.
For examination and treatment of patients, the clinic includes rooms:
doctor obstetrician-gynecologist
doctor endocrinologist
-examination room
-medical prophylaxis
-physitologist’s office
As well as an X-ray room, a clinical and biochemical laboratory, an ultrasound room, a functional diagnostics room and a physiotherapy room. The attached population as of 01.01.2020 amounted to 10,767 people
In the diagnostic departments of the GBUZ JSC “Mazanovskaya Hospital”, instrumental diagnostics are possible. The rooms are equipped with equipment that allows you to conduct research, identify violations and pathologies, monitor the progress of treatment and prevent the further development of diseases.
Doctors for each patient develop an individual treatment regimen, which may include drug therapy, physiotherapy. If necessary, surgical treatment of diseases is possible. The human body is susceptible to a variety of viral and infectious diseases, with age, the risk of various disorders and pathologies increases, so close attention to your health, regular preventive examinations by a doctor, timely immunization against various infections (measles, diphtheria, tick-borne encephalitis and others) are a guarantee health and long years of full life.
You can undergo a comprehensive medical examination (a medical examination by several specialists, the necessary tests and diagnostic examinations) quickly and at attractive prices at the Mazanovskaya Hospital JSC GBUZ.
In the MBUZ JSC “Mazanovskaya Hospital”, you can undergo a medical examination as soon as possible (consultations of the necessary specialists, analyzes, fluorography, etc.) to receive medical certificates and other official medical documents. Turning to the therapist at the Mazanovskaya Hospital JSC GBUZ, you can apply for: a certificate in the traffic police, a certificate of form 086 / у for a job, a spa card and other certificates, as well as medical books for all groups.
Modern medicine cannot be imagined without analysis. GBUZ JSC “Mazanovskaya Hospital” has a clinical diagnostic laboratory where various types of laboratory tests and studies are carried out: biochemical, hematological, coagulological blood tests, general clinical tests of urine, determination of blood groups, rhesus accessories, tumor markers and much more.